Our Team

Stephanie Li
Position: Director of Programs
Program: U3 Physiology
Favourite thing about piano: You can play an infinite number of songs!
Random fact: I own a unicycle but I don’t know how to ride it.

Justin Khalil
Position: Volunteer Coordinator Edward Murphy
Program: U2 Neuroscience
Favourite thing about piano: Playing pieces from the Romantic era (e.g. Chopin)
Random fact: I’m determined to try every ramen place in mtl

Caroline Hodgins
Position: VP Networking (External)
Program: U1 Biochemistry
Favourite thing about piano: The feeling of success when you learn a tough piece!
Random fact: I studied abroad in France in high school!

Christiane-Marie Cantwell
Position: Volunteer Coordinator Champlain
Program: U2 Classics and Linguistics
Favourite thing about piano: Zoning out when getting really into playing a piece
Random fact: I’ve gone on two archeological digs! Ask me about plaster collapses

Yolanda Chow
Position: VP Finance Internal
Program: U2 International Management
Favourite thing about piano: listening to the music and being able to understand the hard work that goes behind each piece
Random fact: I’ve been to 17 countries 😉

Rushali Gandhi
Position: VP Pedagogy External
Program: U2 Neuroscience
Favourite thing about piano: It helps me relax and unwind after a tiresome day!
Random fact: I was part of Heart of the City as a student when I was 8.

Esther Kim
Position: External Pedagogy Director
Program: U2 Cognitive Science
Favourite thing about piano: It’s (not so) secretly a string instrument
Random fact: Apparently I am missing one of the bones in my right palm.

Shirley Zhang
Position: Communications
Program: U2 Neuroscience
Favourite thing about piano: Playing music from movie soundtracks!
Random fact: My photo is on a cover of a book

Heather Bosiljevac
Position: VP Networking Internal
Program: U2 Computer Science
Favourite thing about piano: Getting to play fun + challenging new pieces that allow me to forget about the stress of school!
Random fact: I have a twin sister!

Ingrid Huang
Position: Co-Finance Director
Program: U1 Neuroscience
Favourite thing about piano: Playing the piano gives me so much joy!
Random fact: I love chocolate 🙂

Chloe Taschuk
Position: Schulich School of Music Liaison
Program: U2 Bachelor of Music in Orchestral Trombone Performance
Favourite thing about piano: Helping students achieve their short and long term goals!
Random fact: I’ve done five day intensive backpacking, canoeing, and horseback trips in the Rockies!

Jessica Li
Position: Volunteer Coordinator St. Gabriel
Program: U1 Anatomy and Cell Biology
Favourite thing about piano: I love how versatile and distinct it is from the other activities in my life. It brings lots of joy and serenity and is a great stress reliever.
Random fact: You can never find me without earphones and lip balm 

Sam Wier
Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Program: U3 Pharmacology
Favourite thing about piano: Its versatility when it comes to playing different genres of music (e.g. classical, jazz, pop, etc.)
Random fact: I also play the violin!

Mikeyla Zhou
Position: VP Finance External
Program: U2 Economics and Mathematics
Favourite thing about piano: Gives me a peace of mind
Random fact: I also play kendo, a Japanese martial art