Events for Students and Parents

Winter Recital December 2019

End-of-Semester Recitals

Every December and April
The end-of-semester recitals in December and April allows students to showcase their hard work and progress over each semester or year. In addition, it gives students an opportunity to perform in front of their peers, parents/guardians, teachers, and school staff.

Events for Volunteers

Orientation Nights

Every September and January
Mandatory orientation nights at the beginning of each semester are held for new volunteers before they begin lessons. During orientation nights, volunteers learn the structure of our program and gain tips and tricks on teaching lessons.

Dumplings and Board Games Night, December 2019

Social Events

Throughout the Semester
Each semester, a few social events for our volunteers are held to foster relationships and to thank our volunteers in a fun way. Events in the past have included pot lucks, café outings, and dumpling and board game nights.

Upcoming Events
Check out our “Upcoming Events” page to see the events happening in 2020!